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International Noise Conference 2018 Begins!

February 6, 2018 News No Comments

International Noise Conference is upon us once again. For one week every year, Frank “Rat Bastard” Falestra and his curators put together one of the most creative, mind expanding, innovative, experimental music events in the world. All events happen on 4 stages in three different rooms at Churchill’s Pub Tuesday through Saturday. Sunday closer is at Kill Your Idol. Open your mind and bring earplugs. All events are FREE.

Monday February 5th 2018 9p
Pre INC Party @ Floyd @ Club Space (Miami) Curator Tara Long [event page]

Tuesday February 6th 2018 9p Curator Jellyfish Bros [event page]
Glitch as Fuck! (patio stage) [event page]
Janese & Dave (green room) [event page]

Wednesday February 7th 2018 9p  Curator Betty  [event page]
ALT MIA (patio stage) [event page]
Human Fluid Rot’s Das INC (green room) [event page]

Thursday February 8th 2018 8p  Curator  Laundry Room Squelchers
Laundry Room Squelchers   (Miami Beach)
Holly Hunt  (Miami Beach)
Human Fluid Rot  (Fort Lauderdale)
Su Sous Toulouse en Rouge  (St Petersburg FL)
Wolf Eyes (Detroit)
Clang Quartet (Stokesdale NC)
Twig Harper (Detroit)
Otto Von Shirach + Mr Feathers + Nayib Estefan (Miami)
Last  (Fort Lauderdale)
Nick Klein (New York City NY)
Cienfuegos (New York City NY)
Uchi (Berlin)
Cuddler (Ed Matus & Omar Angulo) (Miami)
Lisa Cameron’s LA Blooze (Austin TX)
Street Rat (West Miami)
Steve Bristol Quartet (South Miami)
Death Talisman VII  (Hollywood)
AonQ (Miami)
Freaks & Ghost (Miami)
Whitey Alabastard (Nick Boutwell) (Ft Myers  FL)
Dot Dot Dot Orchestra (Fort Lauderdale)
Chrome Dick  (Charlotte NC)
Das Sad (Wynwood)
Handlesman (Miami)
Jessica Martin & Juan Campuzano  (patio stage) [event page]
The Inertials (green room) [event page]

Friday February 9th 2018 7p  Curator Todd Lynne
italics (Philadelphia)
Pulsatile Tinnitus (Nashville)
Angel Inertia (Seattle)
Evolve (Cincinnati)
Julia Santoli (New York)
W00dy (Philadelphia)
Widow (Los Angeles)
Nymphaea (Philadelphia)
Burnt Hair (Orlando)
T-func (Tampa)
i_like_dog_face (Sarasota)
Lapsus Dea (Lakeland)
NAGA (Tampa)
Rahim Samad (Tampa)
J. Carter (Nashville)
Fjshwjfe (Tampa)
Mouth Mouth (Portland)
Dylan Houser (Lakeland)
Heckler (Jacksonville)
Algae Guck (Gainesville)
Jimmy Sanchez & His Crystal Ballz (Chicago)
Lillet (Miami)
Penny Grune-Fae (St. Pete)
Bacon Grease (Orlando)
J.A.S.O.N. (Orlando)
Mother Juno (Orlando)
Dim Past (Miami)
Audrey Horny (Miami)
Mister Rey (Miami)
Haves&Thirds (Tampa)

Emile Milgrin Apostrophe’s R Four Kidz (patio stage) [event page]
Eat Shit with Chesterfield King & Eddy Alvarez (green room) [event page]
Crass Lips Art at INC (Lemond City Standard) [event page]

Saturday February 10th 2018 5p

– Black Mayonaisse (Akron OH)
– Noise Nomads (Ashfield MA)
– Bobb Hatt (Columbus OH)
– Fierce Diety (Austin TX)
– Scathing (Austin TX)
– Novasak (St Petersburg FL)
– Stone Garden Jam Temple  (RVA)
– Housefire (Asheville NC)
– Yohimbe (RVA)
– Valerie Martino (Providence RI)
– Sharlyn Evertsz (Wynwood)
– Heaven Limosine (New Orleans LA)
– Azalia Snail (Los Angeles)
– Las Sucias  (Oakland CA)
– Asthmatic (Rochester NY)
– KHF  (New York City)
– Scott Verrastro & Embarker (Philadelphia)
– Suicide Magnets (Providence RI)
– Secret Boyfriend  (Carrboro NC)
– Sweating Pipe (Philadelphia)
– Suspirians (Austin TX)
– Radio Shock   (New York City)
– Nequam Sonitus (St Petersburg FL)
– Noiseberger (Philadelphia PA)
– Chucha (Carrboro NC)
– Ironing  (Gainesville FL)
– Solid State Entity (Boston)
– Ben Billington (Chicago)
– Iovae   (Cincinnati OH)
– Now’s  (Atlanta GA)
– Dubb Normal (Atlanta GA)
– Nu Depth (Atlanta GA)
– Severed+Said (Jacksonville FL)
– Virgin Flower (Jacksonville FL)
– Jessie Vance  (St Petersburg FL)
– Hellgarbage   (Lakeland FL)
– Decide Today (Cincinnati OH)

Crass Lips (patio stage) [event page]
Xela Zaid OMTS & Rick Fantasies (green room) [event page]

Sunday February 11th 2018 10p
Post INC Shutdown @ Kill Your Idol (Miami Beach) Curator Gavin Perry [event page]



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